C Spire Business Solutions™ Unveils New Unlimited Wireless Plan For Business


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C Spire Business Solutions is shaking up the mobile service market for business with a new plan that offers unlimited data, talk, text, HD video streaming and a mobile hotspot for as little as $32.50 a month per line for eight lines.

Under the plan, the first and second lines are $70 each, and each line after that is only $20 more a month up to eight total lines.

Additional lines can be added on the same pricing terms for each eight-line increment.   Each line includes unlimited data, talk and text, HD video streaming and mobile hotspot.

The plan is available for new lines on a Device Payment Plan (DPP) or for devices purchased separately without a contract.

After 25 gigabytes of data usage, C Spire may slow data speeds to protect its network and other users’ experience.  That amount is roughly enough data for any one of the following: 1,250 hours of browsing, 6,000 music tracks, 160 hours of streaming music, 80 hours of Skype, 200 app downloads, 25 standard definition movie downloads and 10,000 emails.

The plan is designed to be administratively simple and permit worry free use, according to Brian Caraway, senior vice president for Enterprise Markets.

C Spire is focused on continuous improvement of its wireless network coverage and quality with extension of its Max Range LTE technology, which expands coverage by 80 percent in every direction, including hard to reach places inside buildings, offices and homes, and expansion of its WiFi On app, which automatically connects to available WiFi.

Limitations, restrictions and eligibility requirements may apply.  For more information on the new unlimited for business plan, call Assist for Business at 1.855.277.4732, visit a C Spire retail store or go online at www.cspire.com/businessunlimited.


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