Bay Debates Manufactured Home


The Bay St. Louis City Council on Tuesday discussed the residence at 10374 Hwy. 603 and whether the homeowner is in compliance with the city’s regulations.
Councilman Lonnie Falgout said he would like to have a professional look at the house.

He said he spoke to the manufacturer and has “doubts as to whether it’s a modular.”

He said the city’s building department authorized the owner to get a grinder pump and have it hooked up.
“But he doesn’t have an electrical permit,” Falgout said.
“He doesn’t have an electrical contractor or applied for an electrical permit. Two weeks ago I asked for a cease-and-desist put on the property so we can review and obviously it hasn’t been.
I’d like to take a look at it and I’d like to ask the council to support me in this and ask for a cease-and-desist on this property until we can look at any and all documentation on this and to halt any of the plans.”

Council President Mike Favre said the building permit states it’s a manufactured home.
Falgout said that’s what he wants to look into.
Councilman Joey Boudin questioned whether or not the council has that authority.
City attorney Trent Favre said that is typically an executive function, but the council could approve a motion, subject to his review.
Falgout said the homeowner also does not have a plumber and that he wants to review the manufacturer’s plans.

Trent Favre said another issue is whether the structure meets the city’s code.
The homeowner originally obtained a permit for a stick-built home, he said.
A modular is a manufactured home, just built to a higher standard of code, Favre said.
He said he’s been told by the company, Gulf Coast Homes, that it is a modular and that it meets the IBC codes.
Modular means it’s one or more pieces that are assembled at the site, he said.
Trent Favre said the issue the city needs to look at is whether the homeowner obtained the proper permits.
Councilman Doug Seal said the city needs to update its zoning ordinance.


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