The Old Silos Have Been Demolished And The Fourth is Being Taken Apart in Gulfport


The old DuPont silos have been a familiar sight for decades, hovering over the Mississippi Sound on the Port of Gulfport’s West Pier.

But three of the old silos have been demolished and the fourth is being taken apart. DuPont spinoff Chemours has 15 new silos at the pier’s south end.

The new silos almost double capacity for storage of ilmenite ore and other raw material. Chemours spokesman Duane Wilson said the facility also includes metering equipment that allows Chemours to blend material at the port, streamlining the operation. The Chemours plant is in Delisle.

A new tenant is leasing 36 acres on the West Pier, including the land where the old silos sat. SeaOne Gulfport is leasing that area for a trademarked Compressed Gas Liquid process to prepare a single liquid product for delivery to the Caribbean. Plans are to expand into Central America as well.

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