The House of Representatives Roads and Bridges Plan


The House of Representatives Roads and Bridges Plan

By Speaker of the House Philip Gunn

As your representative in District 56, I write this to you in hopes of explaining where I stand on improving Mississippi’s roads and bridges. This has been a major issue for some time and has garnered a lot of attention. I am proud to say the House championed numerous ideas over the last two sessions that would have directly addressed this growing problem.

For whatever reasons, the Senate chose not to accept our plans this year. Furthermore, I have received numerous e-mails responding to a claim that “special interests in Mississippi are pushing for as much as $375 million in new taxes.” These e-mails request that I fight those efforts.

I have stated many times before that as a conservative, I was elected to stand for lower taxes, reduce tax burdens, budget to live within our means and eliminate debt. Raising taxes is not something I support. It is misleading for organizations to claim otherwise.

However, something must be done to help our roads and bridges problem. The majority of Mississippians use our roads. It is our responsibility to care for them. The House has come forward, yet again, with new plans that we have presented to the Senate. We urge them to review our ideas and consider them as we approach Special Session.

We also would like the Senate to continue to think about the efforts we proposed at the end of Session this year. We have steadily made changes to these options to address their concerns.

It is my goal to try to stay in front of issues and keep you all informed. Thank you for your support and please let me know if you have any questions.


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