Ridgeland Officials Anticipate Aug. 1 Bid Date For Lake Harbour Dr.



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The Lake Harbour Drive extension project should be under way within the next 60 days, according to Ridgeland city officials.

“We’re about 30 days away from bidding the project,” said public works director Mike McCollum.

The entire project consists of two different parts. The first piece of the project includes a box culvert under the railroad, which the road extension will cross. The second portion of the project will be the construction of the Lake Harbour Drive extension.

“The first part will be ready to bid in the next thirty days,” said McCollum. “Phase two will be about 30 days behind that. Everything should be bid by August 1. That’s our goal anyway.”

Currently, the city is waiting on a gas line located on U.S. Highway 51, where Lake Harbour Drive currently ends, to be moved for the project.

The same gas line has been moved for the Colony Park Boulevard project. It will also be moved for the city center project, for which construction will not begin until next year in 2018.

The city will be rehabilitating the east portion of Lake Harbour Drive from Northpark Drive to Breaker’s Lane. Traffic signals will be upgraded within that portion of the road as well.

“That’ll start in the August or September time frame as well,” said McCollum. “It’s a $2.3 million project.”

Out of the total $2.3 million to complete the project, $1.7 million will come from the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), an organization that receives federal funding that is doled out for local transportation projects.

The Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD), which covers 10 counties in the state, makes up the state’s central MPO.

Once the CMPDD awards money for transportation projects, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) will oversee the project.

The city will also have to pay $425,000 out of local funds, according to McCollum.

Ridgeland has three other projects beginning around the same time as the Lake Harbour Drive extension project.

The Colony Park Boulevard project will also begin around August or September.

“All rights of way have been acquired, and all utilities have been relocated except for one or two,” said McCollum. “Once they are, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) will certify the project.”

So far, a section of Colony Park Boulevard and an accompanying sidewalk has been built from the Township to Sunnybrook Road because of the split-diamond interchange project at I-55.

The section from Sunnybrook to Highway 51 will be under construction beginning this fall.

The project will cost $26 million.

“A sidewalk and connector trails along Colony Park Boulevard will connect the Ridgeland High School entrance,” said city engineer Chris Bryson in a previous Sun article.

The five-foot-wide sidewalk will run along the north side of the road and the 12-foot-wide multi-use trail along the south side of the road.

The County Line Road resurfacing project is about to be under way this fall as well. Ridgeland officials recently announced that County Line Road will be resurfaced from I-55 to Pear Orchard Road.

The project is a joint venture with the city of Jackson, since County Line marks the border between cities.

The cost, $1.35 million, will be split equally between the two municipalities.

The Madison County Board of Supervisors pledged $675,000 to the city of Ridgeland for the project. The city of Jackson has secured the other $675,000 for the project.

McCollum said everything up to the $675,000 amount will be reimbursed by Madison County, “so we’ll just send them receipts and they’ll pay up to that amount.”

According to McCollum, the scope of the project includes mill-and-overlay and restriping. A mill-and-overlay project grinds and removes the top two layers of asphalt with a large milling machine, then new layers are coated over the remaining tarmac.

Lastly, Old Canton Road will undergo a rehabilitation project this fall.

Old Canton, which goes through Madison, Ridgeland and Jackson, will be reconstructed from the north end of Ridgeland to the south, where the road runs into Jackson.

“It’s a State Aid project. The city will have some say on the project, but State Aid is going to rehab the road from the north city limits all the way to the Jackson city limits,” said McCollum.

McCollum wasn’t sure of the price of the project, but it will be covered by State Aid funds.


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